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Ferrell Hospital Further Expands ENT Services With Advanced Balloon Sinus Procedure


ELDORADO - Ferrell Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) offers a wide range of innovative, FDA-approved procedures to help patients with acute or chronic sinus problems. Recently, ENT physicians Drs. Mark and Allison Royer performed the first image-guided balloon sinuplasty procedure in this region of southern Illinois.

“This procedure allows us to safely provide sinus relief with easy and quick post-operative recovery. Many patients who have suffered for years are now able to receive the safest, most effective, and most advanced care available,” said Dr. Mark C. Royer, ENT at Ferrell Hospital.

Balloon sinus dilation is a clinically-proven option that improves sinus sufferers’ quality of life.  Patients who have ongoing sinus infection symptoms, and have taken many medications or antibiotics without relief may be candidates for the balloon sinuplasty procedure. Balloon sinuplasty is less invasive than traditional sinus surgery, and can be performed in an office setting or in an operating room.  The procedure is highly effective at relieving symptoms of chronic sinusitis without incisions or nasal packing, allowing patients to return to normal activity with quick recovery times.

The technology at Ferrell Hospital includes a balloon dilation system designed, tested, and integrated to work with image guidance (IGS) technology called the Fusion® ENT Navigation System. This displays a visual map of a patient’s sinuses.

“It works much like a GPS on your phone, helping us guide and place the balloon device,” said Dr. Allison Royer. “During the minimally invasive surgery, this navigation technology helps us precisely steer the balloon to the specific locations where sinuses are blocked. We then inflate the balloon very precisely, to reshape tissue and bone to clear the sinus pathway.”

“This new procedure is another effort by Ferrell Hospital to continue to offer more services here in Saline County, helping patients receive specialty care close to home,” said Alisa Coleman, CEO, Ferrell Hospital. “Having the expertise of board-certified ENT surgeons here at Ferrell is a wonderful service for patients of all ages who are suffering from chronic nasal and sinus problems.” 

More information about services offered by Ferrell ENT, as well as appointment scheduling details, can be found at, by calling (618) 297-9660.