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Ferrell Hospital to Increase Patient Visitors

Ferrell Hospital will begin to allow more visitors to hospital and outpatient facilities. 

Beginning Monday, June 1, patients who are hospitalized at Ferrell Hospital may have one visitor per 
patient, per day, during regular visiting hours (7 AM – 8 PM).  Patients at Ferrell Hospital outpatient 
clinics and facilities may also have one visitor during appointments. 

All visitors will be screened for coronavirus symptoms and exposure history, and must wear a mask. 
Patients are encouraged to bring their own mask. All visitors must be 18 or older (unless they are a parent 
of a patient).   

For more information about COVID-19, and Ferrell Hospital’s efforts to keep patients and staff safe, 
please visit, and click the COVID-19 coronavirus information bar across the top. 
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