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Ferrell Hospital to Restrict Visitors Due to Widespread Influenza

ELDORADO, IL – Effective immediately, hospital visitors are restricted at Ferrell Hospital until further notice due to widespread influenza.

Further details about these updated guidelines are as follows: 
  • No visitors with influenza like symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat).
  • Individuals experiencing respiratory symptoms such as cough, sore throat, or fever who need to go to the emergency room for treatment, or other departments or clinics within the hospital, must wear a mask upon entering the building.
    • Masks are available at the registration desks.
  • No visitors under age 18
  • No more than two visitors per patient per day in a patient’s hospital room
  • Influenza Isolation Patients: Visitors are limited to those necessary for the patient’s emotional well-being and care.
    • Visitors in these rooms MUST wear a procedure mask while in the room
    • Visitors MUST perform hand hygiene prior to entering and leaving the room
    • Visitors MUST stay in room, no access to public areas
Exceptions to these restrictions may be made for cases involving critically ill patients and end of life situations. 

For more information about visitor restrictions, and Ferrell Hospital’s efforts to keep patients and staff safe, call 618-273-3361.
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