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Treatment Options

Medical Oncology
Our medical oncologist has special training and experience in diagnosing and treating cancer using chemotherapy, hormone therapy, biological therapy and targeted therapy. The medical oncologist also provides supportive care and coordinates treatment plans with other cancer specialists on the patient’s care team.

Chemotherapy and other infusion services
Our oncology/hematology physician, pharmacists, and oncology nurses are highly-skilled in infusion drug administration and work to make sure you receive the best care possible in a comfortable environment.

The term chemotherapy is used to describe cancer-killing drugs. Chemotherapy may be used to cure cancer, shrink cancer tumors, prevent cancer from spreading, or help relieve symptoms caused by the cancer.

Our infusion center also provides infusion services such as iron infusions, blood transfusions, GI and rheumatoid/autoimmune therapies.

Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that relies on the body's infection-fighting system (immune system). Using substances made by the body or in a lab to help the immune system work harder or in a more targeted way to fight cancer, this therapy helps your body rid itself of cancer cells.

Hormone Therapy
Hormone therapy is a form of systemic therapy that works to add, block or remove hormones from the body to slow or stop the growth of cancer cells. In some cases, hormone therapy is used in combination with surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy.
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