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Services Offered

Wound Assessment
Specialists look at your wound and classify what kind of wound it is (acute or chronic) and how bad it is based on the amount of tissue destruction. 

Debridement and Surgical Intervention
Debridement is the process of removing dead tissue from a wound. Removing the dead tissue prevents infection and helps new tissue grow. Your team will use information from the wound assessment to decide which kind of debridement is best.

Wound VAC
Negative-pressure wound therapy (wound VAC) applies pressure to a special kind of dressing placed in or over the wound and promotes healing. You can use this in the hospital or at home.

Compression Therapy
Wearing special socks or stockings to support veins (usually in the legs), reduce swelling and improve blood flow.

Specialty Dressings
Based on your wound assessment, the team will select a wound dressing that works best for you. Things to consider are comfort, preventing infection, keeping the wound dry, and controlling smell.
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